Blair, Tolley & books

People who have annoyed me most recently:
Cherie Blair, who assumes that there is only one way to parent. I guess she has a lot of experience with getting up most of the night to a vomiting child, doing all the resultant laundry herself, ringing in sick to work, and cooking meals for everyone else throughout the cleanup and recovery period. Then going to work as soon as possible and trying to catch up and then rushing home as soon as possible to support still fragile child. Good on Cherie Blair for pursuing her successful career and parenting. Stink on her for judging other people's choices about which she has no clue.  Source: here.

Anne Tolley. 
We don't laugh and gloat in court if someone is sentenced to jail for a crime, but somehow it is okay for an MP to stand gloating and laughing on someone's crushed car.
 Seven nights without alcohol.  The chocolate stash in the fridge is disappearing instead.  I've settled on turmeric, mostly in the capsules I bought, plus low alcohol intake, as my main strategies for the iron overload project.
 What I have been reading: One Good Year by Laura Brodie. An interesting and frank story of one woman who took her daughter out of school for a year.  Fascinating reading even if you have no desire to home educate.  I liked how she evaluates so honestly some of the personal challenges of intensifying the mother-daughter relationship through doing teaching/facilitating/leading herself.  Here is a shorter article she wrote which addresses much of what she wrote in her book.  Now I am reading The Sum of our Days by Isabel Allende.  It's interesting.  I've just watched a TED talk, Tales of Passion, which she did in 2007 which is great.


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