How Far is Heaven

How Far is Heaven is a beautiful film, set in Jerusalem on the Whanganui river, where the Sisters of Compassion, there for over 100 years, still have a base.  We took the children, mostly so we could spend some more time with them rather than getting a babysitter, and they enjoyed and got something out of it as well.  The comments by the nuns about the meaning of compassion (to suffer with) and their concept of being alongside someone/people, gave me much pause for thought.  Please go and see the film if it sounds interesting, as I know I haven't captured what I felt well in this very brief review.  The cinematography is beautiful.

I've finished one sleeve of my pink Miette cardy and started the next.  I'm really keen to have it finished by early November and my floral curtain Colette crepe dress adjusted to wear with it.  I have a theory that if I take the dress up at the shoulders, it will stop falling off my shoulders and thus fit better.  This fitting malarkey seems to be at the centre of all (clothing) sewing challenges.

Things I've been coveting of late include this polka dot bikini.  I've got my wallet safely away for the meantime, while I watch our budget and construct my argument with myself as to why this piece of swimwear (Pier underwire plunge bikini top by Freya) should make it to the 'buy' of our household wishlist.  I did notice recently that my current togs are transparent at the back, which is an argument for replacing them in the interests of public propriety alone.

But a bikini?  I can hear my mother's gasp from here.  But my sister, who is my guide in all things bra-like, says that bikini tops make great bras in summer time as a double use, and also ones like the one above provide good support.  Having not merely larger than supposedly standard boobs, but also a larger than supposely standard tummy, I don't think the one piece suits at Avokado (which is the NZ retailer of the gorgeous bikini above) would fit me.  Could I pick up some cheap lycra shorts at The Warehouse to go with the top?  Possibly.  I'm also thinking of choosing a plain, cheap one piece swimsuit from The Warehouse or Postie Plus, and then wearing the bikini underneath. 

It's still raining. 


Susan said…
Drove the road to Jerusalem one weekend......soooooo beautiful there. Want to go again

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