Garden love

 Cosmos in autumn.
 Pulled out to make room for more winter veges.  The new chook run for the bullied chook is behind it.  Mrs Victim is flourishing in her refuge, testimony to what life beyond domestic abuse can be like.

 The shady corner by the tree hut.  The photograph doesn't show the nasturtiums, the roses and the jerusalem artichokes, but they are there, roaming free with the wandering jew and the composting cosmos.

 Crimson kale in dappled light.  There is some chicory and some spinach there as well.  The tomato and the marigolds in the background will be pulled soon to make way for more winter veges.  The brick north facing wall provides a great spot for winter veges.

It's a beautiful experience, gardening, and spending time out there every day is doing me a world of good.  Much much better than washing shirts and then discovering at the ironing board that a scrap of orange paper survived the pre-wash pocket check and the shirt is now stained.  Don't even talk to me about workplaces which like to print things on orange paper.


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