apron etiquette

You can take multi-tasking too far.  Maybe you can't.  I did.  I cooked dinner and organised the laundry and considered the news on Syria and tried to organise the smallest child to make herself useful and mostly laid the table myself and we all ate dinner and I dropped Favourite Handyman off at kung fu and the children and I collected Mary K (86) from the rest home and we were unfazed by the potential meltdown over unmatching stocking-socks (anyone looks, Mary, you poke them with your stick and tell them off) and we got to the local high school hall and I put the kids in the queue to pay to get us in to the Talent Show and skipped the queue to get Mary safely inside and sitting down and the kids joined us soon enough and with programmes to boot and all was going pretty well.

Then I noticed red checked fabric on my knees.

I was still wearing the apron I'd put on to cook dinner.

I was grateful indeed for the coat I  was wearing over the apron. 

In other news, I went to Christchurch for a work training day earlier in the week and while I wasn't at work training, I spent up at the bra shop and the fabric shop.  Maybe I'm not quite ready to be an adult after all.


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