Circle skirts aren't just for skinny girls

They are for absolutely anyone who fancies one.  Or two.  I finished this last weekend.  Yesterday, thinking that I might look in the posh shop with the 50% off sale at black skirts as my usual funeral skirt has a torn (beyond repair) hem.  I can't find a picture online, but it's a David Pond black skirt with red side panels and some lovely detailing back and front, and I bought it.

I also juggled work and two sick children successfully this week and made all the commitments I had at work and got the children better and got to a funeral of the father of a good friend today and tonight I have made the most enormous shepherd's pie for Fionn to take on his hockey tournament trip to Blenheim and I think that
a) medals are in order, though some for my bereaved friend long before me of course.
b) my lovely childminder R is the most wonderful and special and helpful person and I'm so lucky that our respective part time work commitments dovetailed so well yesterday and today
c) I'm grateful for a workplace which is genuinely supportive of family needs.  Two children with us at our workplaces for 90 minutes Wednesday.  Today when R had to go to work at midday, she dropped a greatly improved Brighid off to my meeting and everyone welcomed her to join our table and understood when I had to leave 20 minutes early.
d) audio books are the best invention for long car travel.  We went to the library and got the audio book of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for tomorrow.
e) I should pack.  and sleep.  Probably in reverse order.


Sharonnz said…
Looking gorgeous!
We have a big Roald Dahl audiobook collection that lives in our car - fantastic.
Sandra said…
Thanks Sharon. I'm very bad at replying to comments, but of course you are very welcome. Charlie and the chocolate factory was an excellent tool for our journey. Though I did find myself analysing the text in terms of class and gender bias and finding it rather wanting. Didn't do *that* first or second time round...

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