yellow yes, mellow, not so much

So, it's quite bold, and yellow.  It's my Issy top, from Style Arc.  I threw caution to the wind as it was a freebie pattern and made it up without any alterations.  Funnily enough it fits in the bust and is too big everywhere else except through the hips.  Who would have thought that all that reading on altering patterns and several years of experimentation would yield yet another proof?

It's not completely unwearable once I have taken an extremely deep hem (size 18 tops, I am reminded again, are not drafted for persons who are 5'4").  I may try and take the shoulders in, something I'vve never tried before.  I am taking the sleeves up to be 3/4 sleeves.  Bold yellow flowers all the way to my hands is tooooo much.

It will, no matter the alterations, be very bold, and very yellow.  I'm not sure I will wear it every second day.  I had the red version of this print and I was wise to make it as a dress with plain black for the bodice.  This yellow fabric would have made great tights, but you have to wear a lot of plain colours to be able to slot in tights like these.  Too late for tights though...

Anyways, I'd also like to record that meat bone soup is easy to make, lasts more than one meal, is nutritious and my children even like it.  I mucked around with mutton flap soup last weekend, and this weekend made lamb shank soup.  Lots of home grown kale and garlic in both versions of course.

I'm reading A girl is a Thing Half Made.  I will say that I am reading it, whereas my previous attempts at that unpunctuated stream of consciousness Irish novel known as Ulysses have all stopped before the end of the first page.  I find myself simultaneously both drawn in and scared of what might happen next.

I planted some garlic in the weekend.  Eating rocket, miners lettuce, giant purple mustard and some nameless mesclun straight from the garden.  Now the shortest day has passed, I shall be able increasingly to see my greens as I pick them in the morning for my lunchbox.  Mostly I try not to will the days faster though, as 7 and 11 seem such precious ages and I want to be with them now, not rush them to be older.  We are now up to reading book four of the Harry Potter series.  And they are in a knitting phase and I am the knitting tutor.

It's so precious to be with them when I am at work all day and time with them is not assured.  Not so much blogging now compared to seven years ago when I started blogging so I could have a thinking space that wasn't centred around babies and small children.  Not giving up just yet - still charting the sewing projects.  You may or may not be pleased to know that the next fabrics in the cupboard are plain, not prints.


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