the full caboodle shirt making wadder

There may not be a photograph.

I made a muslin of the Blank Slate Novelista pattern out of an old sheet.  I've discussed my learning on shoulders here.  All week I've looked forward to two things: drinking Captain Cooker beer with my husband on Friday night and finishing my Novelista shirt.

It's finished, and all mistakes are mine and not the pattern.  How can there be so much to fitting?  My new shirt, which is definitely a triumph in terms of new sewing skills, fits across the bust in terms of no gaping buttons.  But above the bust is a disaster - there is far too much fabric just where everything should be smooth.  And the collar looks enormous on me.  At the back, everything blouses out and I lose all back waist definition.  Sometimes I read that even an ill fitting blouse fits better than a RTW one.  But in my case, I can't do a fitted RTW blouse up, and this is the next step in terms of ill fitting but functionally wearable.

Back I went to previously unmined topics on the internet in search of explanations.  I can now add hollow chest to my list of fitting challenges.  A hollow chest + FBA combination is apparently rather common.

Somehow I'd imbibed the idea that a collar + stand button front shirt was the best kind of button front shirt.  Don't ask me how I got this, but I did.  Now, as I look at my collar points almost touching the edge of my shoulders and the collar generally out of proportion to my neck, and consult the internet for ideas, I realise that my short neck, narrow shoulders and goiter are more suited to a simpler collar option.  The simpler, standless collars on my Sewaholic Nicola dresses are much better suited to me.

I did consider making another Novelista shirt with the back of the Sewaholic Granville substituted, but as the pattern is $NZ30, just to sub a back, I'll pass.  I would like to have another go at princess seams one day.

Meantime, I've sought refuge in the comfort a previously sewn knit pattern for my next make - the Gillian top by Muse Patterns.  I have some grey fabric from my Wellington fabric shopping last year.  It's the last piece of fabric in my stash (apart from remnants of previous makes and some lining fabric), meaning I will HAVE to go fabric shopping soon.


Macska said…
What on earth?!? You have no more fabric in your stash?!? I had no idea such a thing was possible! Clearly, your self restraint when faced with fabric stores is far, far greater than mine. ;-)

Sorry to hear your shirt didn't work out so well. :-( Sounds like it was a good learning experience though.

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