Home made washing powder

Extreme measure? Piffling playtime while the world burns?

Maybe/probably/who knows, BUT given that Persil have changed all their formulations as a covert way of significantly raising their prices...

...leaving Fionn with eczema again...

Removing myself from the grip of the big brands and their annoying, nonsensical and patronising advertising campaigns seems worthwhile.

I used this recipe from Towards Sustainability's blog. I opted for the second version. The first load seems fine - no fragrance which I like. I'll do a nappy load tomorrow to give it a decent test.

I've also been playing round with my cromarty cob bread making method. I did a triple batch today and cooked it in three loaf tins. Excellent results. I have worked out how to knead the dough in the bowl (a giant plastic one from the supermarket) which makes a lot less mess than on the bench top. Actually I made the bread in the bowl on the dining room table as there was no room in the kitchen due to mess. Why I make bread and my own washing powder instead of running an orderly and tidy house is not exactly clear. There is a part of me which totally resists my day involving plain cleaning for more than an hour. Perhaps it is the part of me which has wanted to sneak down to the back of a pub with my writing pad and actually do some creative writing. Writers' group this Wednesday and I haven't written for weeks. I need to get away from here in order to get some perspective and new thoughts to develop.

I also played nurse and mother all day and only left the building to collect more wood for the fire or to feed the chooks. I think a walk along the beach is in order tomorrow before I implode with domesticity.

I have learnt that I can sneak chilli into many things without it tasting particularly hot. Chilli is supposed to be good for the lungs. I put a whole chilli (chopped finely, no seeds included) into the slow cooker with sausages/tomatoes/onion/carrot/pumpkin/celery/herbs today. End result was warm and yummy but not classically hot.


Johanna Knox said…
Ohhhhhh! You have no idea how good it is to read this. I *thought* Persil wasn't the same anymore. But wondered if it was just my imagination. Yeah, we have washing powder-eczema issues too.

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