peak oil hummous

The drive shaft of my food processor is down the back of the dishwasher. Down the back, unjtil an unwelcome repair to the dishwasher or oven shall reunite us.

I didn't give up straight away. I tried to wiggle the dishwasher, realised it had no leverage room and might crack if I pushed it. I shone the torch down and saw other long forgotten relics down there, but no drive shaft (which I observed fall down the back earlier this year with my very own eyes). I got tongs out and also looked down the back of the stove, but it's gameover.

My six year old food processor, which only gets used for pesto and hummous and has no grating blade, is now at the very top of the highest cupboard, a long way from the functional hum of the rest of the kitchen.

I've been missing my hummous though. The bought stuff isn't worth buying now I'm used to my own. So today I cooked up chickpeas (and had to accept that my pressure cooker has some dangerous fault so downgraded to cooking it the old slow way) and tried making hummous with my mortar and pestle. I presume that is how it was traditionally made.

Came out nice. A bit lumpy which i could have worked harder at if it was important to me. If you are used to the shop stuff which is 'watered' down with either water or cheap oil to a runny budget consistency, then this may be a jump too far.

So, that will be an independence days thing, if I was doing the (Sharon Astyk) independence days project. Even when oil costs a million dollars a litre and New Zealand is in inflation blowout freefall and we totter along only just within the 'first world' (oh yeah, but more like that than now), I can still make hummous. So can you. Maybe by then I will even have a productive lemon tree in my garden.


Sharonnz said…
We even grew our own chickpeas over summer;-) Hubby raided my dried beans and pulses jars and popped some of everything in the ground to see what he could grow.

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