Coriander surprise

Sitting here typing my gardening day up, drinking kefir, for all the world like a hippy who did not have KFC for lunch, or spend the evening at a rugby league prizegiving...

Turns out that our lovely new chooks adore bok choy. I weeded out all the lovely yellow flowered plants which ran almost straight from small seedling to seed in the recent warmth and the children fed it to the chooks. Behind the bok choy I had sown some beneficial insect blend and the hardier of this mix have been flopping round green and frothily. I also have some rocket in this wee patch. Hidden amongst it are three coriander plants, all looking quite healthy and completly invisible to me until today. I sowed the coriander seed last year and thought it a flop attempt. So I have weeded all the plants out except I have left the rocket (seeding, but I am getting into this self-seeding thing lately), the coriander and the alyssum. I sowed some miner's lettuce, some radishes and some mesclun lettuce mix in the gaps.

Did a spot of garden shopping and have a cubic metre of mushroom compost arriving on Monday. I bought some warratahs and then Favourite Handyman reused some shadecloth from the old temporary chook run to make a shelter fence for the lemon tree. The children and I rounded up lots of empty bottles and other rubbishy rubbish and went out to the dump. The project to make the side garden beautiful for our summer dining space has begun.


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