I don't think I am the only one...

Who is diligent one day and disastrous the next. Who owns the ingredients for the next batch of home made washing powder but cannot muster home made lunch today. Who boiled pickled tongue for reasons of adventure and virtue yesterday and now cannot face sampling it.

Who made a shopping list and planned meals and then got so far behind in home life things that I spent $47 on Indian for dinner for all of us earlier this week.

Who would like her daughter to sleep all the way through the night, even when it is around the full moon.

Who can see clearly all the steps required for us all to have food on the table for dinner, clothes in drawers for tomorrow and a warm house but cannot find the energy to execute these steps.

Who supports the ideals of simple home living but actually also finds value in work outside the home. Who can clearly see that that outside work interferes with simple home living. Who works with people who have very unsimple lives. And finds it worthwhile.

I know at a rational level that I am not the only one. I am an ant among millions of home and not home jugglers. I would just like two things (oh, three actually):
a) to find that superwoman cape again, throw it on and feel the wind under my sails
b) for my stomach to return to correct function
c) a decent night's sleep


Corrine said…
No you are not alone. ha ha
I've tried tongue before..its Ok but you kind of need to peel it first.
Not something I'd put on the menu very often tho'
nova_j said…
oh my goodness no you're not alone lol! there has been many a time i could have easily filled the dishwasher, or vacuumed etc but just... haven't. i would love to have a lovely home, but honestly it's just not enough to motivate me most of the time!

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