Soothing my grumpy soul with gardening...

After the thunder storm, the rain abated, just as Favourite Handyman was putting the children to bed. Oh beautiful window of opportunity...

I pulled out some of the huge seeding parsley and potted up tiny parsley seedlings from underneath the umbrella. When you pull out a large parsley plant, you can smell the relationship to carrot - there is a distinctive sweet, earthy smell very similar to carrots.

I planted dahlias (hopefully not too late). All of them are divided tubers from a huge one I dug out in winter. It had not been divided for many years.

I transplanted one tomato into a bigger pot and two chillis into medium pots. The tomatoes have flower buds now.

I pulled out more errant yams and fed some sorrel to the chooks.

I enjoyed my evening session in the garden more than words can express.

Inside, I have finished the knitting for the baby coat and now only have to sew it up (yes there is a little procrastination on the sewing up front). I am nearly finished knitting a doll's skirt out of scraps of wool. I will knit a matching top for the same doll and then sew the rest - faster surely. Though given I can knit and surf the net at the same time which I certainly can't do with the sewing machine, sometimes the knitting wins out. The clothes are my daughter's Christmas present. Oh, see how well behaved I am trying to be about Christmas this year.

I had a go at making mayonnaise tonight which worked out okay. Thanks for your tips Nikki.

Nothing more to report - I would like to be reading more, but I can't read and knit and surf the net at the same time, or read and do the dishes or read and fold washing or or or...


jemmasmith said…
Thanks so much for putting these together… what a great addition to the garden bogging community -reading these is so inspirational to me.
sd karte

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