chook feasts and red hot pokers

Calendulas, winter suns on chilly days.
We gave the chooks a feast.
Here is the fence we rigged up to keep them in their feasting spot. Only two escaped, only one into the neighbour's garden. That habit I have from motherhood of endlessly head counting turned out useful today.

Red hot pokers against our red fence.

The short people, especially for my siblings. Notice the Crusaders t-shirt P? My sister won't see this for a wee while as she is in hospital with multiple bones broken in multiple places. We hope you recover soon J, and that the parcel I sent today helps your convalescence.

Indeed I did finally find the camera charger...
I've been reading more of Clarissa Dickson Wright's book (something about drawers in the title). Some gems in amongst the hunting stuff. One about baking a cake in a wooden box, what they did before they had tins apparently.


Sharonnz said…
Ouchies to your sister. The red hot pokers are a real blast from the past of my 1970's childhood. And your kids?! So big and gorgeous.

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