One skirt completed. The heavy drape works very well standing up, but I've discovered that it also works to my disadvantage when sitting down as it falls heavily to each side rather quickly. It only cost me the price of the thread and I managed to solve all my sewing machine challenges myself. I also noticed that I was learning from previous mistakes when I did the sewing so I'm quite pleased with myself. Maybe I am on my way to being a grown up seamstress (which isn't my favourite word, but 'sewer' is worse) after all.

I have also managed to solve the challenges of the camera. Last week we got a new (to us, second hand in every other sense) computer for me, and now I can download onto my own computer. The old one was so memory-poor that I didn't risk saving photos to it or the final tiny shards of memory would disappear forever.

The electricians came and made our house safe. It took them all day. Brighid spoke in awed tones of 'The Electricians' and one of them made Fionn's day when he asked him to help by reporting when the light went back on again. So now Fionn has added being an electrician to his shortlist of attractive jobs (up there with being a rugby league player, a plumber and a science teacher).

We had fun in the local swimming pool, until a child (not mine) pooed in it. Well, I assume it was a child. Then we headed off into town (a sizeable place you understand) to hang out at the library with our friends. I am totally delighted that I have managed to make several fantastic friends who have children similar ages to mine. It makes for very civilised outings as a parent.

I had no fun reading through the death notices for the two young people who died in our community in the weekend. The driver of the milk tanker whom the young people drove into was apparently on his first day in this job. He will be scarred forever and there are two families who have lost children, lost everything really.

Better news alongside the death notices was a birth announcement involving a young women I know. T is 17 and I wish her every happiness as a parent. I have no truck with the demonisation of teenage parents. We all walk a difficult path guiding our offspring. I think of a snatch of the poem "age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn" and I am so glad that T, her partner and her daughter are alive.


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