Mostly reading

I haven't been posting this week because I am too busy reading and thinking. Not quite true, I also managed to be at work almost all of the time Fionn was at school (never the plan), to fit in celebrating being married for an entire decade, finding a new babysitter who we all love which hopefully means we will go out, just the two of us adults, again before our 11th wedding anniversary, planting some celery, kale, broccoli and violas, sleeping not enough, thinking about earthquakes and of course making zillions of meals.

I've thought about the outrageousness of the idea that woman cannot work and parent and partner. I stumbled upon some truly doozey internet stuff about the evils of feminism while I was looking for information about eating parts of a pig. Such that I stopped researching pig eating.

I got so busy I couldn't make it to the Blackball working class history project meeting and I can't see I will be at the next one either. I'm not sure if I should resign or just hope that I will find more space again later on.

But the reading and thinking which is most interesting to me at the moment, centres on the writings of Maia (her latest Hand Mirror post and the food labelled archives on her own blog) and the fat nutritionist. I've got more thinking and reading to go before I post my own thoughts. It's a whole new paradigm and I feel like a spider, building links, going back and thinking, then creating a different path, thinking and rethinking. I don't expect it all to fit into one neat paradigm (or hegemony??) but I am hopefuly of dialogue lines.


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