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I'm not packed. The laundry mountain is reducing though, and slivers of couch cushions can now be seen. The celery and the passionfruit and the rocket seed and the basil went into the garden today.

Some things to read or listen to in the absence of my wittering:
1. An interview with the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, youngest of the Mitford girls. She is fantastic, with dry observations which I loved. Radio Four has been a wonderful salvation at times recently when I have felt like some radio but definitely not the wall-to-wall Pike River coverage which continues on New Zealand media.

2. The 31st Down Under Feminist Carnival. Self explanatory. I'm only part way through, but it's good.

3. Life on the latte line. Megan is also a coaster, one of the first people I met when we moved to Wetville. She is a talented mother, crafter, writer, teacher and all round fun person and I am thrilled that she has started blogging.

I better go back to the laundry pile... Thank you to all the people who have commented or emailed me to welcome me into their physical lives on my holiday. I'm not going to be in the area for everyone as we fly directly to Auckland, but I will definitely be out socialising as much as I can fit in. Whether you are drinking whisky or red wine or camomile tea, I hope you experience some chilled summer days with people you love during the rest of this month. I still recall Helen Wilson's poem for our 29 men and share her goal of being kinder to each other. May that mean the fewer people are lonely this December, whether death has touched their loved ones or not.

Ka kite ano.


Sharonnz said…
Thanks for the Mitford link. Just got Love in a Cold Climate out of the library this week and was perusing the various Mitford biographies at Unity Books yesterday;-) Travel well!

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