Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagenham is the most fabulous movie I have seen in ages. I think it might be the only movie I have seen in months but that is beside the point; it is fantastic. I loved the storyline and it was so uplifting to be involved in an exciting quest for justice which was successful. Voyeuristically of course, but it is quite a contrast to the impotency we have felt in our town as our men lay buried down the mine.

Back to Made in Dagenham, the story of women machinists fighting for equal pay, a fight which went all the way to Westminster and prompted equal pay legislation. The movie sexed up the story no end, with the workers mostly young and super sexy and with fabulous wardrobes. The footage of the estate looked just like where I worked in 2002, most likely because I was working in Dagenham. Some of the class and bullying stuff in the film didn't seem to have changed nearly enough 20 years later. There is a part of my heart which will always be in England and I loved that aspect of the film. I clapped out loud at Rita's speech to the union conference in Eastbourne. I loved loved the part where her husband overcomes his own difficulties and backs her. Oh yes, soppy me, but so many women in Rita's situation do not get their partner's backing.

I want to read some more about the actual struggle of these women. The end of the film showed excerpts from interviews with the real women who struck for equal pay at Ford Dagenham and that was awesome.

Moving on from the fabulous film, a health kick recipe. I haven't had a health kick obsession on this blog for weeks, maybe months. It's overdue. Chia seeds. This morning I am drinking a chia fresca, the recipe from the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Organics NZ. 300 mls water, 2 t chia seeds, juice 1 lemon, honey to taste. Mix and leave for 10 minutes. Drink. It tastes nice. I will report back on any miraculous energy boosts tomorrow.

Five more sleeps until we leave for the Big Trip North. I suppose I better get dressed and get sorting then. I have sort of done some things for Christmas which is quite good for me. Hopefully they arrive in time.

Yesterday my friend Ruth gave me some gorgeous sparkly bright aqua fabric which is going to make some very pretty birthday skirts in January. I think I will get some tulle and go all out on the party frills aspect. No more sewing apart from mending this week though.

I've got more mulching to do in the garden and some lettuces to plant. The artichokes are hearting up nicely and I may try one before we go.

Did I tell you we are going to Auckland-all-of-us-first-time-ever-for-Brighid-and-for-seven-years-for-Fionn-and-I? Yes yaddee ye-es. On Friday. Time I got out of my jammies and into the garden (important prep don't you know) ...


Sharonnz said…
Are you flying up to Ak OR road-tripping through my part of the island?
Hi Sharon we are flying (which doesn't have a song for it like "We are sailing" which I learnt in order to sing with Howard Morrison and Stoke School when I was just six or seven . . . I digress as usual).

I promise we will do a Wellington trip soon, hopefully in 2011.

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