It's a blur currently. I spend my days and nights baking biscuits and sewing presents and looking after small children and old ladies and occasionally I go to work but thankfully not often. Periodically I look up and find no food and no magicians to cook meals and today I ended up buying lunch in town and later on both McDonalds and KFC for various meals which could collectively count as an evening meal. So it does sound rather good that this morning I handed in some beautiful home made shortbread and a card with a photo of my children on the front of it to the staff at Fionn's school to thank them for the entirety of this year plus last night's fabulous school concert. But don't be fooled. Chaos lurks round the side of all this season of craziness activity.
Brighid has only one week left of kindy. I've been turning remaindered curtain samples into dressups for kindy. Above is the gold version modelled as a cape. Below, the same item as a skirt. As you may notice in the background, my children have no regard for the resale value of our home. That was proper wall paper when we bought the house. Bad parenting. Yes I know. See that pile of sewing stuff on top of the red and white bucket? Well that would probably fall off in a big earthquake, leaving access to the bucket, which is our emergency water supply.

Above and below the other two items as wrap skirts.

Above is the bag which I am nearly finished making for a 40th birthday present. Bad photo - plain dark denim doesn't photograph that well. I had to resew everything I did at 3.30pm this afternoon as good decisions are not made while negotiating post school meltdown peace negotiations. Which is why I bribed with McDonalds if they would share and play nicely, which gave me the chance to unpick and properly clip the corners and then re-sew it. The handle is tricky and the sewing machine refuses to cooperate so some firm hand sewing is on the agenda. It needs to be finished and wrapped in exactly 44 hours.

Today I bought some hair dye. It's part of the anti-Hillbillies project before we go to Poshville, aka Auckland.


Frances said…
I'm glad to see your wallpaper - mine is exactly the same (even though my kids are now much older and no longer tear strips off the perfectly nice walls!).

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