Perfect Thursday


Today was perfect. As my tired children eventually stumbled out of their beds, I gave Fionn the option of going to school late (once I'd bought, mixed and applied the new eczema strategy ingredients after our health consultation with Laksmi last night) or of having the day off. I've got enough idea of what goes on in schools in December to discount the notion that he was missing utterly crucial learning. In terms of applying creams and lotions and feeding quality food, a day off was the perfect health remedy.

So I had a mummy day with both of my children (and with Brighid's special friend R from lunchtime onwards) and it was fantastic. They played a zillion different games, re-enacted scenes from Dora, dressed up in everything from the dressup box and generally had a blast. I fed them, laughed at and with them and finally (finally finally, rather late) sowed my potatoes. We dropped off some eggs to a friend who had gifted me lots of clothes for Brighid in the weekend and discussed strategies for looking after things (our chooks, her daughter) in the holidays. This is the interconnectedness which I love about our life here in Wetville. We popped in to see Mary, who was thrilled to see us, had a cupboard of biscuits (Brighid proudly explained to her friend that Mary never runs out which is true and a stark contrast to her mother's biscuit supplies) and was confused about bigger stuff. Age is cruel, a blessing for getting to enjoy life that long, but still barbed.


Heather said…
Beautiful! This post just made me smile :-) Thank you :-)

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