Christmas carnival


Prize for float having the most fun: the Pasifika float.

Prize for most dour: the Salvation Army float.

Prize for event I beamed at most: the kapa haka group which Fionn performed in.

Prize for children who lost their balloons more than thirty times: Fionn and Brighid.

Prize for the group which made me think of my uncle the most: the Pipe Band. Uncle Ron stopped short of smoking a cigarette at the exact same time he blew his bagpipes, but I was always amazed as a child watching him talk with a cigarette in the side of his mouth, killing a few more lung cells in the breaks at the Pipe Band competitions.

Prize for most interesting side display: the vintage cars. Though the steam powered traction engine from Shantytown and the Wiggles car vied for most popular vehicle in the actual parade.


Anonymous said…
This was a lovely celebration. I'm looking forward to our Santa Parade this afternoon, where I'll be riding in a vintage car.
This is the biggest festival and obviously everyone wants to join the carnival.

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