head in the clouds

It's evening, so my head has been in 19th century Cornwall for the most part.

No fabric, patterns or clothing purchases.  I spent the potential fabric purchase money on ordering death certificates.

Things which have finished: drum lessons, league practices and games and a reduction in kung fu attendance.  The difference in smoothness of a week is noticeable already, and it is only Tuesday.  There is a five week gap between league finishing and swimming lessons starting.  I'm enjoying it.  This does remind me that I need to sort out a costume for the ballet competitions this holidays though.

Ouch ouch ouch on the job cuts in provincial New Zealand already this week.

Recent developments in my garden: first iceland poppy (orange) out.  Lovage has re-emerged.  Feverfew and white sage taking off.  One bay tree appears to be flowering.  It's never done that before.  There is a flowerhead emerging from the Chatham Island Forget Me Not and one from an aquilegia - firsts!


Ruth G said…
I didn't know bay trees had flowers. We have a young tree, which is a great source of bay leaves. I will check it for flower buds.
Sandra said…
This is the first year our bay tree has flowered, and only one of the two have done so. FH thinks that it may be a kind of tree which has a long juvenile period before it begins to flower. I'll try take a picture in the weekend and post it here. As always Ruth, thanks for your comment.

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