Desperately Seeking Susan

I have a new project.  All in the name of supporting local education (Hekia Parata sure ain't, so someone has to), I'm off to an 80s night next weekend.  I wasn't so sure on reliving memories I had of dropwaist dresses and cerise and jade tube skirts.  But tonight inspiration hit.  It's 1985.  I'm 13.  Madonna has a hotter body than me, a theme which will never change.  She is the perfect teen pinup, with her crucifixes, lace hair ties and beads, fairly accessible garb for a cash-strapped young girl.  I never dared wear my rosary out though.  God may not have smote me down, but my mother would have.

I've just ordered some lace gloves.  I'm about to have a rifle through my drawers, wardrobe and sewing box to see what lace concoctions and other accesories I have.  And find my rosary.  Even now, don't tell Mum.


Christopher said…
Good luck!

I well remember the movie, and the song "Step into the groove", which proved to be my introduction to a 10 year love affair with music, particularly house music...
prttynpnk said…
Ah, I'm 2 years older than you and consider this to be 'my Madonna' stylewise. I loved this look- lingewrie, but covered, big skirts, lace...oh, I'm gettin' excited!

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