Zebra gardening

This weekend we helped a friend move, Fionn went on his first ever cub camp for two nights, I made a skirt for a third birthday party present and I got to garden.

I'm quite pleased with the gingham circle skirt.  I didn't make it to save money.  Frankly, in recent times I've pulled my wallet out for convenience far more often than I've taken the longer but cheaper route, especially in the kitchen.  I made it because I wanted a personally handmade gift for a special little girl, whose family is very dear to me.  Brighid had a lovely time at the party, and so did we for the part we attended.

Fionn the cub camp graduate.  After the asthma incident which followed a one night indoors camp last week, I was nervous about Fionn sleeping in the tent for two nights.

He had a FABULOUS time.  Fell asleep before 4pm this afternoon, but he is breathing properly, so we are all happy.

This afternoon after partying and camp collection, I buried bokashi, weeded the old chook run garden and transplanted celery, tomatoes and spinach into various parts of the garden.  It felt great, and is hopefully the beginning of many hours spent gardening this summer.

I bought a new dress, at Postie Plus.  It was in a 30% off all dresses sale and it fitted!  It is called a cross over zebra print dress.  It is very poorly made, but I like it and it will diversify my wardrobe until I can get some dress sewing for myself done.  I have favourite dresses which I wear with leggings, a long sleeved black t shirt and a slip in winter, and alone in summer.  So although I do like my dresses, I have been wearing them every week for 18-22 months.  I'm open to some change.

Last week I went to a very interesting talk on children and cyber safety by John Parsons.  More on that another time.

I've bitten the bullet and visited the local library.  Singlehandedly propping up the weak point in local government finances, I paid my library fines, and now I get to get books out again.  I've started Zadie Smith's NW.  Not ready to give a verdict just yet.


It's a nice story , everyone's have appreciated the handmade gifts. But the picture of zebra print dress was gave me amaze , because its elegance and looks comfortable who's wearing it, it's a kinda cute

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