Cirque du Soleil

Earlier this evening we all went to the latest Cirque de Soleil film.  It was pretty spectacular.  Then we had fish and chips on the beach beside the Point Elizabeth walkway.  I didn't take the camera, but that was pretty spectacular as well.  Most of the rest of the day was about autumn planning, with wood stacking, clearing tree pruning debris, and of course one thousand and eight loads of washing.

No sewing this weekend, but I did receive my Pavlova skirt and top pattern on Friday.  I have some alterations to make to my stripey Tiramisu dress this week, and then I can start the new sewalong.  I hope I like the circle skirt, because I have no less than four lots of fabric which I could make it in.  The fabric above is lovely and drapey (and prone to fraying).  I need to do some thinking about where I place the pattern pieces.  I guess it is designed more for clothing which falls straight down.  It would make a sumptuous summer dressing gown, but I'm not sure that I'd get enough wear out of such an item.

Thanks to the lovely Gilly, I am fermenting milk kefir again, after a gap of a few years.  I've been making smoothies with blueberries and chocolate and kefir each night.  Health kick meets night treat...


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