I've been haunted by the power of a beautiful funeral speech all weekend.  Of the joy which one woman remembered and shared as she farewelled her husband in the coffin.  Of her strength and the way she spoke to him in her speech.  I stare at my husband and two beautiful children, and this morning, after only going to the supermarket, I wanted to come home quickly and tell them all I love them.

My daughter and I went to Art in the Park, where she made lots of fabulous paintings.  I took my son to the BMX track, where he had lots of fun and I tried to capture it with the camera.  This afternoon I took them to the Gypsy Fair, where we all had more fun and caught up with more friends.  When I had to slip away and get some paid work done earlier this evening, Favourite Handyman sorted the kitchen out, cooked dinner, fed the children and ran the bath.  I'm so lucky and so grateful.


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