fripperous news. not in pink.

So I went to the hairdresser's yesterday, where they had NZ House and Garden.  My novel stayed in my bag while I flicked through the magazine instead, and fell for the red lino in the photo above.  One day, I'm having red lino in the kitchen.  A few years ago, also at the hairdresser's, I found the perfect nautical blue colour for painting the kitchen walls.  Both together might not quite work, but budgetwise I'm pretty safe from a making a hasty and regrettable decision any time soon.

In other fripperous news (fripperous may not officially be a word, but it should be), I bought two ready made items of clothing last week.  I'm wearing the emerald green hoodie top and it's comfy and I've been wanting something emerald green for a zillion days and now I have one.  I've just been altering the skirt as acording to the pattern drafting of the skirt, I have a ridiculously sway back.  Doing the alteration was faster than sewing a skirt, though buying the skirt on 30% discount was more expensive than buying fabric and sewing it, though maybe not because I've never seen the stretchy denim-look fabric for sale before...

Tomorrow is pink shirt day according to a notice at work and I'm forced to admit that I have no idea where my pink cardy is.  I expostulate on irresponsibility and fecklessness for ages if my children lose clothing, which is why I haven't told anyone them, or their father, that I may have lost the brightest and least lose-able piece of clothing I own.  Apparently if we wear pink shirts, bullying will decrease.  Unable to perform such a clearly powerful act, I will have to find some other way of upping the love and downing the hate in my neck of the rainforest.


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