hockey dinner

8.25am Climb in car in dressing gown.  Deliver husband and children to work and school.
8.40  Get dressed.  Hang out washing.
9.00  Turn slow cooker on high. Slice two onions, and three carrots and put in slow cooker.  Roughly chop one black pudding, one white pudding and three chorizo and put in slow cooker.  Pick four bay leaves from tree outside and add to slow cooker, along with some red lentils, a tin of tomatoes and some water.  Stir it up and put the lid on.
9.15  Eat leftovers from last night's dinner for breakfast (noodles and stir fry).  Put a pear and a banana in a bag to take to work for the rest of breakfast.  Clear table of breakfast things, and remove the laundry the laundry monsters scatter through the house.
9.40  Drive to work.  Do busy work things at work.
2.00pm  Drive home.  Drive back to childminders to drop off hockey gear.  Drive back home.  Bring washing in.  Pick kale from garden.  Washed and chop the kale and add it to the slow cooker.  Stir.  Turn slow cooker down to low.  Make sandwich for lunch and eat it.
2.40  Go back to work.  Prepare for meeting.  Have meeting.
4.55  Try and remember where the car is.  Drive round to hockey.  Talk to fellow parent about the sins and iniquities of homework.  Collect husband and son and take them home.
5.15  Collect daughter from childminder.  Admire her artwork.  Unload car of bags and sticks and artwork.
5.30  Dish up dinner. It tastes great.  3/4 of us like it, and even the fourth person deigns to eat some of it.  Even after seconds, there is enough for another meal.
6.15  Husband and son and daughter go to kung fu.  Put more washing on.  Iron some shirts.  Knit.  Enjoy the peace.

This morning I was reading a conversation about writing.  One person observed that you only write when you have something to say.  A fortnight ago a friend observed to me how very bourgeois blogging is, and akin to 18th century foppishness.  I'm not so keen on either interpretation.  If I wait until I have something important to say, I might wait forever.  I'm also unconvinced how useful it is to decry blogging as bourgeois.  Speaking, thinking and writing are crucial features of a democracy, and blogging provides a platform where anyone who has access to the internet can speak, think, write.  The big gun journalists know they have a place in our text world.  All I am doing today is charting my day through my project to make sure we eat well, and as close to 5pm as possible (full tummies and kung fu aren't the perfect mix).  Another person charts their political awareness, someone else charts their baby's first steps, or the new dress they made, or the band they went to see last night, or the artwork they made, or the rally for gay rights they attended, or the injustice they see.  Of course they might be bourgeois pursuits, some more than others.  But they are people naming their reality in written words, and that, from a cultural and democratic viewpoint, is valid.  We can weed out what we personally want to read, but not discourage anyone from the act of writing and sharing.


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