Hummingbird peplum top # 2

Well, that's much better, isn't it?

Cake Patterns Hummingbird top.  Size 40 with the following modifications: a forward shoulder adjustment of 18mm.  An extra 3-10mm on the sides (more on the front than the back).  A 1cm wedge out of the back.  The neckline is a bit wider than the green version, and the depth of the front neckline is in between the blue and green versions.  I dropped the arm curve about 2cm.

In another version (which I may well do), I would slice a tiny curve off the top of the shoulder.  I wouldn't mind trying the dicky version.  This gorgeous version from Leila of Three Dresses has convinced me that it's worth a try.  I bought some pale blue fabric, for reasons that I wasn't even sure of at the time, except that I was on a speed buying mission, and it didn't feel right to leave without some blue fabric.  For the dickey insert, I'm thinking of repurposing a striped blue shirt which Favourite Handyman has declared uncomfortable and unwearable.  Maybe stripe matching would be too hard, on closer inspection.  We'll see. 

Tomorrow, a new circle skirt.  From beginning to end in a day? 


applepip said…
Looks lovely! Well done with all that expert adjusting.
Kat Jackson said…
This top fits you so well! I'm amazed by how the Hummingbird suits so many different body shapes - Steph has such wonderful design skills.

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