Family weekend

In which my baby boy went away for a hockey tournament without any of us because he desperately wanted to go with his team and without any of his whanau and he was sick on the way over Arthurs Pass and he still played four games and got player of the day this morning and now he is safe and sound in bed.

In which his sister missed him and wailed that the last time she saw him she was brushing her teeth and she wanted to go with her father to pick him up from the turf but actually for most of the weekend she had fun being the only child until this afternoon it seemed to get a step too lonely for her.

In which the Village Milk outlet opened in our small wet town (it rained to celebrate the occasion - we are proper dairying country here, no pilfering of water needed for basic amenities on this side of the alps) and we got to have a good look through and really enjoyed talking to the farmers involved (both our local farming couple and the Village Milk pioneers from Takaka) and had sausage in bread and lovely raw milk smoothies and Brighid and her friends got their faces painted and the newspaper photographer took their pictures and we practised using the new machine by buying lots of milk.  It was all round wonderful.  Goodbye supermarket milk!  I went home feeling so energised about growing and buying local that I started rearranging the kitchen cupboards, putting the baking tins up high and out of the way and making room for our lovely new glass one litre milk bottles.

In which we had lunch by a gorgeous lake with my parents and my super clever sister who is off to Melbourne to take up a scholarship there to do her PhD.  Not only is she very intelligent and savvy and driven, but she also looked very swish in a gorgeous scarf and a coat that retails for $700 but she bought it on trademe for $80, in great condition.  Sharp indeed.

In which a highlight of my weekend was that instead of going in to work on Saturday afternoon, I had a sleep.  Sleep, I'm realising, may be more important than any vitamin supplement or therapeutic massage.  And early morning hockey tournament starts where we wake up at 5.30am after a late Friday night create a deficit that a responsible person has to correct.  Did I call myself responsible?  Why yes.  Because I am a super lucky woman, Favourite Handyman saw me asleep and stayed home instead of going off to do weekend work himself so that Brighid didn't wake me up.  We've come a long way on this sleep thing since the children were babies.  I feel like sending a message to me ten years ago, saying "yes, you will get to sleep again.  uninterrupted.  it will happen.  I promise."

In which I bought a windowsill plastic house and planted 24 seeds of sunflowers, tomatoes, zucchini and basil in the peat coils.  I buried a bucket of bokashi under a wood shavings/chicken poo mound in the garden and got back inside just before the rain intensified further.

In which Brighid got dressed up in her dancing competitions outfit for special practice on Saturday morning and got the most exciting news that she has to wear bright red lipstick on the competition night.  Should go well with the neon green braces and black top and bike shorts.  She's having a ball with it all, and so far not adversely affected by her mother lacking the proper attributes of a Dancing Mother.

In which I finished a cowl top from Simplicity 1945 and I'm finished with that pattern.  Four tops and none of them really wonderful and this one will be given away because the slinky fabric made the whole top way too big for me.  I'm still keen to make a cowl top like my bought one and may even make a separate post on just exactly how one day.


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