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Once upon a time there was a woman called Rose.  She owned a shop.  She made shoes and dresses to sell in the shop.  They were so pretty that everyone bought them.  Rose was rich until one day Rose had children.  They were twins.  One of the twins was a girl, the other was a boy.  One day a robber stole her children and kidnapped them.  When Rose found out that her children were gone she closed the shop down and started to look for them.  She looked everywhere but she couldn't find them anywhere.  Then one day she found them.  The same robber that stole them was guarding them so Rose rang the policeman to come and put the robber in jail and he did.  Rose rescued her children and they lived happily ever after.

Brighid, aged 6 1/2.


Heather said…
Well done Brighid!
Sandra said…
Cheers Heather (accepting praise on Brighid's behalf).
Julie said…
I was terrified about half way through for those poor children. So glad there was a happy ending, you had me worried for a minute.
Anonymous said…
I love that while Rose's children made her poor, they were her true treasure! Please tell Brighid for me.

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