Will I post again?

It's a funny thing, blogging.  I didn't mind blogging for the whole world to see, but once my out-in-the-ether-blog collided with my people-I-look-at-many-days world, that's when I got too self conscious.

Then Facebook came along and changed the landscape.  I could do short posts and it was easy to post photos of my sewing without many words.  The original reason I'd been blogging (space of my own while I was raising small children) has passed now I'm at work lots and the kids are bigger.

This morning, surfing the net instead of sleeping, I wondered about blogging again.  I've gone back and read the writing I'd stored on a private blog.  Some of the writing is okay, but what really struck me is that I had a record of some very specific experiences, and they are precious now.  I've written the story of each child being born, and I have an unfinished piece I really like about visiting Cousin Mary's house and the stories I learnt about each object.  I so wish I had finished that story.  Now Mary has advanced dementia, and that story is gone.

The world is broadly divided into those who avoid writing and those who need to write to make sense of the world.  The relationship between public writing and needing to make sense of the world is more problematic.  But now I've re-read Mary's story and the mention of the lost child, I feel like I should try harder.  In my paid job, I exhort people to share their ideas in writing all the time. The part where I ask them to go public is, I think, what is making me think I need to blog here again rather than behind a wall.  Creative writing stays behind the wall, but I'll start by tracking my sewing here again.


Sharonnz said…
Great to hear it! Love your words.
Sandra said…
Thanks Sharon.

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