Coming together

I've finished work for the year. Favourite Handyman has finished work for the year. We've done the adults' work Christmas party, the Christmas in the Park council party, the kids' Christmas party put on by my work, the end of year school concert, multiple extra end of year functions to do with work, an early Christmas lunch with my parents and now tonight we have done Fionn's birthday party.

Phew. The party was great - I loved seeing all the kids have so much fun and the local holiday park with its jumping pillow and go carts and huge barbecue was the perfect venue. I was a bit stressed getting ready for it but that's blasted mothering genes for you - FH was much more relaxed.

Tomorrow is Fionn's last day of school. Things are about to slow down dramatically and I am very ready for that.

I do know there is something on on the 25th and for the sake of my children and my unwell grandparents, I will get in the spirit on the day. I have yet to write a story for FH's young nieces and I have some more calendars to make and send. My next plan is to book a few days in a remote camping ground (thinking Quinneys Bush) in the leadup to the 25th where we can chill out away from suburban madness. Then we will carry on to Nelson, stock up on more milk and bread and tinned fish and then head for a small camping ground near my grandparents in Marlborough (which I have also yet to book).

I'm still sewing up Lyra's jacket. I've only got to finish attaching the hood. Maybe I will do some
sewing after that. Maybe I'll just drink Guinness and read books every night instead.

The garden is largely lolloping along without me. There was so much mess in the garage that I didn't notice we still have some peastraw which is a shame as the weeding load is higher this year in the absence of sufficient mulch. It is bizzarre seeing the tomatoes wilt under the lean-to when elsewhere is all bog. I need to get into a regular watering groove.

I bought some liver at the butcher's today. A bit optimistic that I might make pate tonight after the big party and it is supposed to be used very fresh. I'm trying it because it is supposed to be a nutritional powerhouse. Maybe tomorrow.

My favourite achievement today: star shaped biscuits with black icing and hundreds and thousands. One totally gorgeous boy told me the stars were his favourite thing out of the food. Unprompted.


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