But first, some wine

Did I mention I am being well behaved this Christmas? I haven't sworn nearly as much as usual and while I'd prefer the whole thing was less intense and that I wasn't organising a seventh birthday party at the same time and negotiating work dos and people leaving town forever and an early Christmas lunch with my parents who we won't be with at Christmas itself, this year so far I have not rolled into a ball on my bed and wished fiercely, truly, intensely that I could cancel Christmas. Neither have I cried. Though it is only December 9 which is hardly the home straight just yet.

Today I collected some calendars (three, for each lot of grandparents and for my brother in Perth) and some greeting cards, all personalised with a photo of my children on their bikes, looking like lovely kiwi kids in summer time. No doubt if I was patient I could make them myself and not pay lots at the kodak shop but I am not patient and some of those three groups never ever get anything from us so let's not get too fussy right now.

Tonight I shopped for the ingredients to make panforte to go inside the classy posh shop bscuit tin I bought for my parents. Then I remembered to shop for a wine/cheese/olive selection for the best childminder in the world since I got in a strop with the scarf plan and canned it. Then I thought about making panforte on Wednesday evening and knew I needed some help. So I got some wine for me.

So far, there is bread in the oven (will it work after being spread over three days? I'll know at breakfast) and there is cooked kidney beans in the fridge ready for some vegetarian virtue some time in the near future. Maybe tomorrow night before the school concert, the concert which for some reason Favourite Handyman is unenthusiastic about. Who would have thought? Such quality entertainment as 170 children singing songs from ABBA, a waiata and maybe a skit. All that spread over at least two hours with a finale from the big wigs at the school in which they all say thankyou until we cry with boredom.

Now I'm on my second glass of wine and I think the panforte can wait for another day.


Mary said…
Hooray for wine! I'm looking forward to drinking again.

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