I kept two children alive. The neighbours have lovely pungas which I look at over breakfast. Some of them are mamaku which have black trunks and are particularly gorgeous.
Playground. Library. Bookshop where I found invitations for the forthcoming birthday party which I began organising today. I mislaid Brighid but knew she wasn't far away as I could smell nappy pong and I was quite confident it was not emanating from the well dressed adult who was in my view.

I did a lot of laundry. Washed it, dried it, brought it off the line. No folding and putting away so far.

We looked for another Alfie book here.

We looked for another Alfie book here. We like Shirley Hughes and Alfie. Brighid tells me she loves Mum, Dad, Fionn and Annie Rose.

I made pesto from assorted flavoursome greens in the garden. Had it on chicken for dinner.

Made hummous.

Drained and added more milk to my kefir. Wondered if this would be the week where I finally send Gilly some kefir. Put red kidney beans on to soak. This backfires sometimes as the rest of the week gets busier. We'll see. I also added water and rye to my sourdough starter and put it back in the fridge by accident and later rescued it and now it awaits the next stage so we can have fresh bread tomorrow morning.

I wonder if this is what Virginia Woolf had in mind when she contemplated a room of ones own?


cesca said…
I love that your house is just as "lived in" as mine!!

We love Alfie and Annie Rose as well in this household.
Gillybean said…
I know you haven't forgotten me. Our houses are kindred spirits I'm sure. We're looking for school notices, swimming togs and the Christmas decorations, which I have the awful feeling I threw out in fit of tidiness thinking I'd get all homely and make a fresh lot this year.
Mary said…
Oh I liked that Virginia Woolf comment! teehee!
I loved your recent description of your study Cesca. And another lapsed soul. Have you got aunties praying for you in heaven and on earth? I bet you do :)

She's wonderful is VW, but I think she must have had daily 'help'.

Gilly what is it with school notices that I can only ever find ones from March or July when what I really want to know is which day swimming is in December?

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