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again. This time it is my computer, an aged and temperamental piece of plastic which we nurture and endure because there are no funds for a replacement and so many other things on the funds list ahead of it that it isn't really on the list. Last week it accepted my camera no problem. Yesterday and today, no way.

So that's a bugger because I wanted to show pictures of our new red hot fence which Favourite Handyman painted on Christmas Day afternoon while I had a sleep. [yes. I agree. Very very very wonderful. I am keeping him on. Forever.]

And a bugger because I wanted to show a picture of my new skirt which I finished yesterday. I've worked out how to have my sewing machine set up so I can flip between computer and sewing machine with ease and that has speeded up sewing progress quite a bit. What has really whoompahed it up though is FH looking after the children while I sew in daylight hours. I'm half way through turning an op-shop skirt made of floral cotton from an extremely fattening elastic waist number into a light and flippy wrap around skirt. Of course my own very real tummy still sticks out, but the additional bunching, by no one's estimation ever necessary, will be gone.

There are some more projects in the pipeline, awaiting both time and patience, and also a trip to the shops on Tuesday for appropriate thread. The children have both requested sewing for them, but as they have so many clothes that I have to cull from their drawers to fit in the Christmas gifts, they can wait quite a lot longer. I got given tea towels and paper napkins for Christmas so I have room in my drawers and wardrobe for lots of new clothes. At this stage, none of the sewing will involve purchased fabric. I still have a great and wonderful fabric stash from my friend Susan who left town this time last year and also a number of op-shop finds awaiting alteration or even transformation.

Today we went on a mystery trip. I had just the haziest notion of where the Woodstock pub was and fancied a trip somewhere new. We headed south through mist and rain and the effect was really and truly magical. We could see well enough to drive but not much further and eventually we turned off up the Rimu-Woodstock Road and drove through country totally new to us. When you live in a small town bordered by sea on one side and largely impenetrable mountains on the other, this is quite exciting. After a while we found the Mananui tram track, a beautiful walking track made from the remains of the tram track used for logging the West Coast's precious, gorgeous native trees. We walked along it for a while until the sounds of hungry children were too shrill to ignore. We're going back again soon with a big picnic and we'll do the whole walk then.

Then we drove on and found Rimu, kind of out of nowhere, and then the Rimu-Woodstock heritage trail and after all this interesting gorgeousness it turned out that the Woodstock pub was closed which upset my children a great deal as we have brought them up so badly that where other children beg for an ice cream, mine ask to go to the pub. So back on to Hokitika which seemed so plain and unadventurous after our beautiful hidden valley find. Still, fish and chips on the beach is the best part of Hoki and we enjoyed that.


Sharonnz said…
The red fence sounds magnificent! And all your sewing - go you. When you describe your part of the world it draws me right in. There must be a good deal of West Coast floating around in the blood somewhere;-)

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