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Kings Seeds has burdock. Which is a mighty fine discovery as burdock crops up in my herbal reading again and again and again. According top the Kings catalogue, it is also a vegetable; so much the better.

Seventeen hours until Alice's birthday party. I intend to sleep for a lot of those hours, so the timeline for completing the bag is going to be tight. But these things always work out somehow. I have changed to a lighter fabric for the bag handles and the lining is lighter again. So dark denim for the main bag, blue floral denim for the handle and sky blue with white spots for the lining. No picture likely as I still don't know where the battery charger is.

I have a new kitchen challenge. A home made snak log. Snak logs are relatively expensive, beloved of my son, useful for tramps and otherwise heavily spliced with undesirable ingredients (the link has the ingredients list) and packaging-intensive. They are coated entirely in chocolate and it isn't hard to see the attraction - I'm prone to grabbing one from the cupboard when I am in a huge hurry myself.

So it looks like I want a finely whizzed muesli slice recipe with a chocolate coating. All over chocolate coating seems a bit tricky but chocolate on top surely is not. Dark chocolate with lots of magnesium in it. Perhaps I should play round with soaking the oats first. Sally Fallon and all. Though last time I tried one of her recipes it was a total waste of ingredients and had to go in the bin. I wasn't even sure about giving it to the chooks.

Better go to bed and then get up and finish the birthday present bag first. Though I do want to read a bit more of Coal Flat by Bill Pearson which is set on the West Coast and which I have never read until now.


nova_j said…
mmmm i *loved* snak logs as a kid! there was just something different & delicious about them compared to other muesli bars.. would love to hear about it if you suss out an alternative!

hey i tried to comment but was having issues - just to further heap praise on your bernina shop lady - there is no way anyone at our local spotlight that would be able to help with anything like machine tension! so she's definitely a keeper! :)
Anonymous said…
Sandra, you probably have burdock growing wild nearby. You may even find some with seedheads still on (care is needed getting the seeds though, as burdock sticks to everything). The wild ones will make good medicine. Kings ones will better for eating as a vege though. I'd love to hear how you get on growing them, I've never tried.


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