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An eight kilometre round, single purpose trip just to buy fish. I'd run out of onions so couldn't make risotto as planned and then no time to buy onions and cook. So a dash to buy turbot - food of the goddesses surely - and they asked me if I wanted the fish with or without roe.


Fish roe. As in super-nutritious and subject of admiration and recipes by Sally Fallon and her devotees.

Yes please. Too late now to save those babies. Do devout Catholics refuse to buy fish roe? Not that I've heard but where I grew up no one I knew of any religious or other persuasion ate fish roe anyway.

So I cooked up the fish for dinner and we had it with some butternut squash which I threw in the oven before we got in the car to kill the planet in pursuit of the delectable flesh of nearly extinct piscine species. We also had it with kale and garlic which I chopped up and cooked in the pan which had cooked the fish. Yummo.

Tomorrow, in which I do not have to race off early to earn money, I plan to cook FH and I fish roe and eggs for breakfast. The heathen short people can have eggs but the big ticket delicacy stuff will be ours.

Tonight's other great excitement? I bought us tickets to Auckland for two weeks in December. Big Big excitement. I've not been out of the South Island since I had my daughter three years ago, not been to Auckland for seven years and not been to Auckland proper (central, with the link bus, not an hour's drive away in the 'burbs) for over a decade. The short people in particular will make their relatives happy and we can all go sightseeing. Planning adventures already.


miriam said…
So would you recommend Sally Falloon's book? It's not in our library and I'm not sure whether I want to shell out and buy it. Our family is a bit gluten intolerant (white flour is the only real problem) but from what I've read about the book it sounds to me like she could be on the right track. Besides we eat a really old fashioned diet. I'm sure we would have a lot in common without trying.
Fish sounds delicious. Our deep fryer is in getting fixed and being inland it's harder to get hold of fresh fish but we love it crumbed and deep fried. Something tells me Sally wouldn't approve of that.
Hi Miriam. Fallon likes fat and frying (preferably in lard no less), and she is okay with bread so long as it is sourdough.

Not sure whether to recommend the book or not - I'm guessing that with a young family, buying books for yourself is a special and uncommon treat - it is here. Within the next few days I'll do a blogpost on some of the Fallon-related blogs an websites and a bit more about the book and hopefully that will be of use for your decision making.
Anonymous said…
1) you're officially invited to visit us when your up this way (if you have time)
2) I'll feed ya sourdough bread
3) if I've managed to comment on this I *should* comment on taxes. For ther ecord, I do not disagree with taxing - in that sense we are on the same page. I just think a flat tax rate is fair. 20% for you and 20% for me. If I happen to earn 357K (I don't!!), then I will pay more tax than someone earning 26K. Much more.
For what it's worth, I agree wholeheartedly with income-splitting. But then, as a stay-at-home mum who earns zippo, I would, wouldn't I? But actually, I believe in it from a philosophical viewpoint, not just a pragmatic one.
4)If your first trip outta the SI in so long can't fit in a crazy blogger, I will not be offended;-)
skatey katie said…
your trip to The Big Smoke sounds like much fun.. we're headed there tomorrow for a wedding
gonna leave the kiddos with my mum and dad and head to the beach for some serious ceremonying!!!
love and sunshine X

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