ginger beer & schnapps

Out of beer. No wine. Meetings and squeatings and deadlines and people with cancer and the boy who both threw a tantrum this afternoon about tomorrow's dental nurse appointment and is yelping and moaning and begging for paracetamol (I've got him on garlic and cloves) because his tooth hurts tonight. Oh and no car as FH is out at one of 85 totally important and most inconvenient meetings which seem to be scheduled for this week.

Really. A girl, a 38 year old going grey girl who knows how to make her own bread and grow her own garlic and how to at least get one child properly to sleep, has to do something a little resourceful.

There is ginger beer in the fridge. Supposedly for the children but they didn't eat their pumpkin for tea so baaaaaad luck. I wondered if I had brandy left in the spirits cupboard.

I have a line in the sand. Spirits are for drinking at pubs, with company, in strict moderation. [wine and beer are for anytime after 4pm or at lunchtime in company and the moderation is more moderate]. The spirits cupboard is for Christmas puddings and other boozy puddings for special occasions and when my brother comes to visit.

Anyway, no brandy in the spirits cupboard and I didn't feel alcoholically desperate enough to have sherry, or ouzo or bourbon or whisky. But the bottle of schnapps down the back, gifted to us several years ago by someone who was most likely passing on an unwanted gift himself, well how would that be with gingerbeer?

Not bad. I can report, having drunk most of the glass as I typed this, that it is pretty passable but not something I would crave. But I seem to recall reading that making your own schnapps is quite easy and I've made ginger beer before, so maybe something useful for the post-peak oil days, the dark and dusty days when there is no oil and we are all living the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder only with wandering vigilantes adding to the drama and despair?

I found out tonight that maybe there are many frustrated fans of Letters from Wetville watching and reading and commenting and despairing when their comments never make it to my site. What a thought eh? Well one person has had one comment go missing, and the possibilities...

Finished Coal Flat. Liked it. So much about the Labour Party MP seemed just like now. Now I need to get hold of the Bill Pearson biography.


Christopher said…
I have a spare copy of the Bill Pearson bio! Can I post it to you?
Wow. That's very kind. How do you manage to have a spare copy of such a substantial book?
Anonymous said…
let's try again...if I say nothing it might get through.....
(and I'll just sneak in a preview/review of my thoughts about your Friday heavy post......something about education being touted as the saviour for all the world's ills, but not buying into that thinking can imagine no doubt what - or rather Who - I would suggest as the answer to satisfaction, contentment and meaning in life....not that I said that in the comment....just that education is not the answer to as many questions as some would have us believe. I also made the point that education for education's sake is a good thing. Learning because you want to learn - regardless of whether there is a piece of paper to grab, is a wonderful liberty.
Finally, I have met people who are truly satisfied in a subsistence lifestyle - yes, it would mean something to them if they could store away a spare year's worth of produce for drought or flood years, but apart from that, they really are in not-a-bad way. Thought I can't remember now why I mentioned that as it seems out of place! Anyway time to close the bracket, but before I do I'll copy this comment and email it to ya in case it gets lost!!!)
miriam said…
Actually our computer won't always publish comments (or blogs) and then you just can't be bothered typing it all again. I think in our case the modem is at fault. That aside, I've tracked down all three books at three libraries I have access to. Once I started looking for Fallon instead of Falloon (like balloon) that I've mistakenly read it as, Bingo, there was Sally after all. So Andrew Whitley 'Bread Matters' was the only one in and I'm loving it. Got my first sourdough starter on and struggling to put the book down. Doing the tax this week which is a far less attractive drawcard.
Christopher said…
I won a copy of the book the day I purchased a copy and got the book I won several days after I started reading the purchased one...

So, shall I mail it to? Understand if you don't want to give your address away so perhaps I mail to "letters from Wetville" @ that new museum you helped open??
Christopher, thank you very much. You are right, I was unsure how to wisely balance such a kind offer with knowing nothing of you. Could you send me an email at sustainable dot living dot wc at gmail dot com and I'll send you some postal details.

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