Loving Jackie

No attempt at political thought tonight. I've got a blocked ear. Although I could ruminate on the benefits or otherwise of hydrogen peroxide, levisiticum, olive oil and ear candling (tried 'em all at some stage), I won't.
Because I love Jackie and Jackie told me what to do with the tension on my sewing machine. If the bottom is bunching up and misbehaving, that means the top tension is wrong. Tighten the tension means move it to a higher number. If it is on four, move it to seven (for my heavy fabrics, using my new heavy needles). I don't need a spotlight in my town (just as well) but I do need Jackie who runs our local Bernina shop.
I did it. Still took a couple of goes because of special additional glitches. But five months from when I hand stitched the hem, Brighid's braided red corduroy trousers are finished. Not that she is interested, they aren't from her heroine Alice like the bag of tops which arrived this afternoon.
Which brings us to Alice who turns seven very very soon. My attempts at sewing without a pattern are really too wonky. So today I bought a pattern for a dress (for Brighid and maybe for the short nieces, sometime) and a bag (for Alice, this Saturday). Simplicity 4927.

I've washed and dried and ironed the fabric (washed and ironed! posh eh? That's because it smelt musty from sitting in my drawer and before that in my-patron-saint-of-fabric-friend Susan's basement) and now I am about to cut it out.

And when I wake up in the morning, it will be pay day. Makes going to bed all worth while.


Johanna Knox said…
Hope your ear feels better soon.

I never use ear candles since I fell asleep with one in once ... o=

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