green and promising

New swimming bags for two children. Brighid wasn't so interested in showing off their sewing structure, more in posing a la Christmas. But there ain't much to show off in terms of a sewn rectangle anyways.
These are lemons. Not in itself momentuous, except that they are OUR lemons! We have never been this successful on the lemon growing front before. There is a huge crop for one rather small tree. Any thoughts on whether I should cull to improve the nutrients available to a smaller number?
A few weeks ago I noticed that this kale plant had been stripped completely bare by cabbage butterfly caterpillars. But the new growth in the middle shows I was right not to give up.
Very fine specimens of tomato don't you think? I am hoping they will turn red before winter.
This is the one that got away. I had been checking the zucchini plant from the other side and completely missed this one. For weeks by the looks of this marrow.

This all looks like a serene and happy day. Parts of it were, but never be fooled by a blog. This one is written by a grumpy shouty woman who has a loving, lovely family and secure employment and everything most of the world longs for but who cannot handle the number of things her children lose at the very worst possible times.

Off to have sew up some more of the never ending purple cardigan...


Ange said…
That's so true about blogs, isn't it?? I don't record the mornings where I'm grubbing around for clean boys shorts and where the flip is that other sandal?? And don't get me started about the number of drink bottles that he's left all over the country ...

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