button necklace

A button necklace for our girl with the cut foot. Brighid chose the buttons and I did the threading and plaiting. Yes that is grub all over her top. I considered not posting the photo for that reason and then I remembered I'm not that kind of blog. Sunny days, exquisite crafting and an immaculate house are not to be found here. We spent part of last night at A & E but she has picked up a lot this afternoon and I'm hoping the wound is glass free. The doctor/nurse didn't have any special equipment for checking for residual glass beyond what we did at home, but the volume of blood and depth of the cut meant I'm glad I did opt for a trip to A & E.

In other news, it has been raining. A lot. For days. I sewed up one sleeve of the never ending purple cardigan today. Even the sewing up seems to be taking for ever.

That's it. I'm off to bed to read Chesil Beach (Ian McEwan). I could be drafting a letter to the braodcasting standards authority about the latest police recruitment advertising campaign, and indeed I do need to do that soon. Were we all asleep when suddenly this became acceptable? So those people who were forever whinging about political correctness like it was some kind of bad unhelpful disease, particularly in our state sector, is this what they want?


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