Friday night solo parenting

So the spotty girl is still spotty and my new venture into new land is now gorseflower remedy. I've not played round with flower remedies before, but Laksmi has recommended I try it on both children, and it's not like the GP has anything at all to suggest so why not? I've left collecting the flowers until the morning as we got home from Laksmi's appointment to a cold and empty house on a pitch black night. Vitamin C, vitamin E and calendula cream continues apace.

I've got my sewing machine back. I've sewn pink bias binding all round the hem of the birthday present for Miss Eight. I started sewing my muslin for this dress:

Long time readers might find this image slightly familiar. I had a go at sewing it a year ago (the version in the large picture), before I had my head round/was brave enough to make a full bust adjustment. So I followed the traditional advice to make it for the largest measurement and ended up with a size 22, enormous sack. I'd use some gifted blue material and I looked like a cross between a nun and a 1930s depression photo hard done by mum. After throwing it out (it was completely unredeemable), I sewed only children's things for a while (or nothing at all) and kept reading and came to the conclusion that knits were the best choise. I would make a knit wrap dress. I would be so elegant.

No I would not. My machine is too old to cope with the knit I chose. I tried and tried and tried and, while I learnt a lot about what my machine could do, I also realised it could not make that dress in the fabric I had chosen (thankfully it was cheap fabric to which I was not strongly attached). There will be no new machine in the foreseeable future, so there is nothing for it but to return to sewing cotton, woven fabrics. This time I am making the version which is plain red in the photo above and trying it in a size 16 with a FBA. My muslin fabric is a pink patterned sheet from the Sallies. I've done one dart tonight and it looks like it is in the right place, but given my two glasses of wine, I've decided I shouldn't drink and sew any more.

Something not too expensive to covet:

Red chilli tights from Twisted Sister. Plus sizes too.


Sharonnz said…
Oh, that is my rule too. Don't drink and sew!
maps said…
The distinguished (oh I know that's a stodgily vague word but he really is damn good) Auckland poet Bob Orr was told by the (traffic?) coppers, who had gotten to know him pretty wellthat he either had to give up drinking or driving, if he wanted to stay out of prison (come to think of it, wouldn't going to prison be a way, albeit rather roundabout and unpleasant, of giving up driving?).

He bought a bike.

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