New Look 6735

I made an entire top today. I also got drenched watching rugby league, made cheese toasties for lunch and the eleven hundredth sausage meal ever in my life and mediated sibling disagreements, but other than that I sewed. Much of it involved un-stucking my machine and fabric and rethreading it every time I sewed over a quadruple thickness seam. The top is in the photo below, though as a dark colour it doesn't show up well. I am really pleased with the fit. Maybe I can sew tops to fit me after all. I've also cut out a skirt, from the same New Look 6735 pattern, from black stretchy fabric.

That's all. I haven't gardened or read or thought deeply about anything. The inspiration for thinking I could make and wear this top came from Andrea of New Vintage Wardrobe.


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