more kale

Kale again. Last night I tried boiling it first a la the recipe in my new Monty Don cookbook. I washed the kale (in hot water and with a brush on the aphid infested areas), chopped out the central core and ripped it into pieces like small lettuce leaves. I peeled and chopped three cloves of garlic and put the kale and garlic into boiling salted water for about 7 minutes. Then I added about 180g cream cheese (Monty called for cream but we didn't have any) and whizzed it all with my whizzy stick and mixed it into the penne pasta I cooked at the same time. It tasted nice, possibly better than the night I sauteed the kale in oil instead of boiling. I served it with cold cooked chicken and raw carrots because my kids like carrots raw and I couldn't get my head around safely reheating the chicken into the pasta without possibly curdling the cream cheese. But today when I had the leftovers for lunch, I added parmesan cheese on top which was the best accompaniment.

I did some sewing. Last week I tried using up some fabric I'd been given and a pattern I'd bought years ago. It was completely disastrous and I gave up. What I did learn from the experience is that working out which bits of facing to sew to which other bits of facing on a wrap around skirt which doesn't have equal sized sides is t-r-i-c-k-y. Last night I decided to start on a new project with a recently purchased pattern and recently purchased (for this pattern) fabric. In black polyester knit (which is cheap and recommended) I am going to make the long sleeved top from New Look 6735. I've made some adjustments to the pattern with the hopeful idea that this means the top will fit me well.

No kale tonight. I've been spending extra time at work to catch up from the time I did not spend there during the school holidays and a 'cheap Tuesday' Dominoes pizza night was utterly the best option.

My indoor growing projects are most satisfying at the moment. I ate all of the small batch of sprouted green broccoli seeds and they tasted nice. The basil, which I am growing in a plastic flip lid container which I bought peaches in in summer, has germinated quite well. The linseed (flax seeds) has started to grow true leaves. Outside, I have some rocket germinating, but no red mesclun just yet.


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