I apologise in advance for linking to the Daily Mail. I never thought I would see the day... But whilst googling in the weekend, I found this article on why female breasts are getting larger, essentially suggesting a correlation between oestrogen overload and breast size. Plastics, synthetic hormones, chemical disruptions all over again. There is a large literature on how to avoid these 'evils', but it is expensive to make all the changes which are generally recommended. For now, I have a renewed commitment to avoid non-organic chicken. A timely reminder given that I've been cooking it rather often in the last year.

So today I made fish stock. It smells good and I've made almost three litres of it. It looks terrible though - nothing like the beautiful translucent golden colour of chicken stock. The suggested uses for fish stock are not as wide as for chicken stock. I can see some fish chowder and fish risotto on the menu. I'm also on a magnesium mission once again and to that end I'm eating raw almonds each day. Because obviously you click on Letters from Wetville because you are gagging to know what I feel like eating...

I've put the fish bones in the bokashi, which I've not done before, but the literature seems to think fish bones (but not meat bones) are okay. I will bury this bucket's worth deeper when burial time comes.

Last week I bought more garden plants. Waiting to go in the garden are: primulas, cavolo nero, spinach, chinese cabbage, tat soi, pak choy and beetroot.

I've been having a look at the Wecare website which supports family members caring for elderly and disabled relatives. I like the photo messages. I don't have anything profound to say about care work although I've been reading and I've lined up another person to interview. I started a blog post about history and definitions of need and rights relating to wider support from the state and voluntary groups when I was in bed convalescing yesterday, but it's far from finished.


Anonymous said…
For North Island readers,Naturally Organics sells organic chickens. This week they were specialed at $10.98 for a size 16. This is no more than supermarket chooks. It could be worth investigating whether there are organic options near you (other than in your own backyard!)
PS I have nothing to do with Naturally Organics other than buying fomr them.
Heather said…
I can't quite remember whether your exhibition was just about care workers in the West Coast, or whether it was the whole country. If the latter, would you be interested in talking to my husband? It'd have to be by phone or Skype as we're in Auckland. I'd assumed you were talking about paid carers, but my husband is my unpaid carer, like the people on that 'we care' website.

We're in the fortunate position that he's a computer programmer with desirable skills. Both his previous and current employers have been willing to hire him for only 30 hours per week and, when things get bad, to let him get by with whatever work he can manage from home in between my care. I'm largely bedbound, and as well as my actual care he's also responsible for lots of household stuff we would otherwise share.

If that sounds relevant, you can contact us here:

and I've written a bit about how we mitigate his care role here:


--Heather :-)
Sandra said…
Thank you so much for your offer Heather. We are confining our interview focus to local care workers but I appreciate your offer all the same.

Rachael you can buy organic chickens in the larger centres in the South Island, but not here in Wetville.

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