A Sunday

in which I began to deal with this:

a small section of a small room. Another view, in case any orderly readers were not sufficiently shocked by the first photo, is here:

Now that the sun is down, the children asleep and I think there are enough clean clothes to send the four of us into the world tomorrow, I can report that I have cleared one sqaure metre. Leaving the most difficult two square metres remaining. Still. Progress of one kind or another.

Interruptions to the cleaning project centred around Fathers Day and the rugby league breakup. Favourite Handyman had to go to work for much of the day but I took pity on them all and took them to my least favourite shop, the one in the big red building, and they chose gel pens and dora stampers to embellish the cards they then made for their Dad. We took pizza to work to share with FH and then it was time to go to the league breakup, an event involving many many speeches and presentations, artifically coloured fizzy for the kids and alcoholic fizzy for the adults (I abstained. It does happen occasionally.) and the fastest gobbling of a huge feast that I've ever seen. Around our place we don't go for presents on Mothers and Fathers Day, but we do give the special day person a day off dishes/cooking/ironing, which used up the rest of my day.

Except.... I did fit in a little gardening... About six weeks ago we dumped the floor of the poultry palace on the garden first and researched later. So it was only afterwards that I learned that the mixture of wood shavings and chook poo (specifically the wood shavings) was probably leaching nitrogen out of the soil. John at the garden shop suggested sulphate of ammonia when I asked for something to help restore the nitrogen balance. I sprinkled that on a couple of beds and then added a bit of lime and some potting mix for good measure. Then I planted tat soi and spinach in the punga raised bed garden.

Lovely daffs and kale huh? I think I would like to make a daffodils and kale forest throughout all of this garden.


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