Colour and the Colette Crepe

I've been reading Dennis Greville's book Colourful Gardens and learning more about colour combos in the garden. That should really read 'I am now starting to learn about colour combos in the garden.' As well as thinking about what colours I want where, I've also experimented with where I put flowers ever sine we moved into our home nearly five years ago. At first I chose the places where I thought they would look best. But that wasn't actually where we could see them very often. Now that the daffodils are in flower in the old chook run, looking wonderful against the blue green of the cavolo nero kale, I see that that is the best place. It is the best place because I look that way from the kitchen window a lot. Also at the beginning of our gardening experiments, I didn't bother with the front garden as I figured that was for onlookers and I didn't care about them at all. But now that I've changed my view on the front and planted some flowers, I realise that I look at the front garden every single day as I arrive home. I also realise that the deep red cyclamen which I bought a fortnight ago (and misnamed as a begonia initially) is the most beautiful plant and I want more. No pink or white ones AT ALL, just deep red.

The insomnia project. Most rude of my body to be wide awake in the early hours of the morning a couple of times this week. But I found a project, made good use of my time. I've ordered a sewing pattern all the way from the USA and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time researching it. It is the Colette Crepe pattern and it looks flattering to a curvy figure AND, given it is made of woven fabric rather than a knit one, I think my sewing machine and me can handle it. I was won over by reading that Patty the Snug Bug made hers without any alterations.

I had planned to make a front wrap dress from New Look 6674, but it took me so incredibly long to make the FBA. and then I used a different technique on each side for the dart placement so I can't be sure which one to replicate again, and then there are so many other pieces to be adjusted to match the altered bodice, until I felt tired just thinking about sewing it. Having followed the alterations Patty usually makes to patterns, and read elsewhere that Colette patterns are drafted for a more generous bust than the larger patternmaking companies, I decided that it was worth buying internationally to get a pattern which might fit without a thousand alterations.

When it arrives, I will make it up in an old sheet. I have quite a collection of sheets from the Sallies which I bought for this very purpose. Today's find is a strong contender:

There are some very gorgeous examples of this pattern on the flickr group. One of my favourites is a yellow gingham version from Sew Country Chick. This one is great from the Leopard Anchor. There are some fantastic spotty versions on the flickr group.

Yes I do know that I'm supposed to be doing a lot of other things. But insomnia calls for some relaxing, dreaming kind of projects, not ruthless efficiency.


Sharonnz said…
LOVE Colette patterns. They also make theirs to a C cup rather than the B cup that the big companies use. I need to master SMALL bust adjustment to make mine fit better;-)

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