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The sun shone and it was time to let the chooks out of the poultry palace. We've had these chooks for a month now, but kept them in the run (5 x 2 metres plus a large laying coop) as they were noticeably more jittery around us than previous chooks. But they have definitely become tamer and I knew the endless green would be good for them.

Hmmmm. They did enjoy being out of the run. They did not want to be caught again. The fifth one took about an hour to catch. Not that I chased her for the entire hour but I did weed the garden and wait and wait and wait until my moment to catch her and boy did she have a lot to say about it when I did gather her up under my arm. I put a pot of seeded salad greens in the run later which they liked. I may have to grow pots of greens to put in the run for them as a supplement for the dock and wandering jew which we pick and poke through the chickenwire. No photos. I was too busy with the problems of reincarceration.

Tonight, the sewing urge hit. I could not face the organisation required to sew properly, the kind of thing I would complete and wear out of the house, but I did sew some bright green knit material into an unhemmed skirt. My friend Ruth gave it to me because her machine wouldn't handle the knit fabric and I doubted mine would not long after. But I was most gratified to discover that when I changed to a ballpoint needle, inserted the needle in the machine properly (learnt I'd been doing it wrong in an article recently) and loosened the tension, I managed a nice tiny zigzag seam without jamming the machine or making the terrible noise while sewing that I started the evening making. The last proper skirt I made turned out very unflattering, even though I like the curtain fabric it is made out of.

I have daffodils, thanks to moving them to a sunny position a fortnight ago. We are usually the last people to have daffodils in bloom even within our suburban stretch, but I love them like they are the first of the season when they do arrive. I see the bluebells are poking their flowerheads up now too.


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