It's definitely tricky to be back at work while experiencing hyperthyroid symptoms.  Racing heart, anxiousness, irritability and a difficulty dealing with many things happening at once are all things I would like to farewell at the first available opportunity.

Cue more googling, thinking, and monitoring how I react to different supplements and situations.  What is the relationship between haemochromatosis and thyroid health?  Welll.

Well well well.

I thought this story of a nutritional approach to hyperthyroidism was interesting.

What supresses copper?  High levels of iron.

Well well well.  I've ordered some copper supplements as so much of what I've read tonight (I've not linked to all of it as it is bedtime) resonates with my own symptom profile.  I cannot perceive of any harm in trying out some copper supplementation.

On Monday I go over the hill for a nuclear imaging scan, and I hope (it's not explicit in the letter) that I get to see an endocrinologist after the scan.  The person in the link above also wrote about magnesium and calcium and what he wrote squares with what I've been observing of myself recently.  I'm off to take some more mag and calcium in an effort to prevent more insomnia.  If I can get the insomnia under control enough to drive safely to Christchurch without having to ask FH to take time off work to drive me, that would be significant progress all by itself.


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