Behind the Sun

 Gimli and the water girl.

There were to be more pictures of this weekend, but there seems to be an upload problem at my end.

I did make chocolate brownie and added whizzed up almonds and some frozen blueberries. I did make basil and rocket pesto.  I used the first red onion from the garden in tonight's pasta sauce.  It's not going to win any prizes for size, but after several years of attempting to grow red onions, these ones have gotten to edible size.

I did some more sewing and wondered at my choice of the brightest fabric in the land.

I fitted in paid work on Saturday and Sunday.  I always wanted to contain work within the children's school hours, but this year is looking different already.  Saturday I took Brighid with me and she played on her scooter, read for a while and then helped me with data entry.  Sunday I commandeered the dining room table and everyone else played or worked out in the sun, leaving me to concentrate and make some good progress.

I'm reading the latest Deborah Challinor, Behind the Sun.  I've come to really love her writing.  Her stories are well researched, gripping historical yarns with strong female protagonists.  I'm off to bed to read some more very soon.  I finished Between the Oceans by M L Stedman last week.  Well written, but oh the tears.  I wept buckets.  If you are stressed and need a good-sized cathartic cry, it's the perfect book.  Between the Oceans is Stedman's first novel and I'll be watching for a second one with interest.


RuthG said…
Dear Sandra, thanks for the recommendations for these two books. I've ordered them both from the library, and discovered that the one by ML Stedman is actually "The Light Between Oceans" - looking forward to reading them.
Sandra said…
Thanks for the correction Ruth. I was somewhat cavalier in writing from memory without checking the title. I hope you enjoy the books.
FNT Web School said…
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